Measuring with the MY.SIZER

The MY.SIZER is our most sophisticated measuring tool in the search for the right condom.


You pull the MY.SIZER apart until there is enough space to measure the width of the erect penis at the thickest part.


You gently push the MY.SIZER together until it is reaches your penis.


You can read your MY.SIZE size on the scale immediately.... and can start with fantastic matching sex ...

The MY.SIZER video

Find your perfect sized MY.SIZE condom using the MY.SIZER

(S)expert Thomas Hahn explains in the video how to use the MY.SIZERs and how you will find your right condom size. Actually only in German

You want to have the MY.SIZER?

Just ask your local dealer about the availability – alternatively you can measure with the condom guide:

Download Condom Guide