MY.SIZE - Your size - your condom!

One of the 7 condom sizes is for you! MY.SIZE condoms fulfill what you expect: You feel good, safe and comfortable! more information
MY.SIZE - Your size - your condom!

Men are different

... and we at MY.SIZE know that each of you needs an individual solution. more information
Men are different

Your measurement - Find your perfect sized condom

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Your measurement - Find your condom size

MY.SIZE - Your perfect sized condom!

It only feels right, when it fits right! Think about it: Everything you put on your body - from gloves to hats to jackets - is perfectly designed for your size. And now so is your condom. With a custom fit MY.SIZE condom, you will feel everything and fear nothing!

Condom size, perfect fitting condoms - that’s not really something we think or talk about. Very often men don’t really know what their right condom size is. There is also not much help offered in the market to inform men about their right condom size. Putting on the wrong condom size can cause slippage, breakage, dull sensation, and above all a lack of enjoyment.

In addition, condoms currently available in the market vary considerably in texture, flavour and shape. But they hardly fluctuate in size. Condom size isn’t really mentioned perhaps because the width varies between 52 – 56 mm. Only a very few condoms are available in size 57 mm, a condom size that is already considered very big. However, if we look at recent studies on erect penis size, widths of 58 - 61mm were actually found to be the average sizes. 

MY.SIZE -7 condom sizes for a perfect fit! Offering greater comfort, safety and feeling!