Each man is different and so is his penis. Loving your unique (male) self as well as your penis is quintessential for all respective relationships, especially when it comes to sex- and even more so if sex is to be experienced in a sensually pleasing and safe way. It’s all about feeling one Self- Now, talking about condoms- Does size really matter? Yes: The smallest increment in the width of the penis matter, but the length of a penis does not! Some food for thought: Whether sex is safe and good is not dictated whatsoever by the dimensions of our bodies! I LOVE MY PENIS is a powerful affirmation towards man’s self- acknowledgement–and a nod to one’s individuality. I LOVE MY PENIS is also a statement of joy - a celebration of being true to one self. Wearing a MY.SIZE condom that fits your penis one hundred percent increases your sexual pleasure. MY.SIZE helps you optimize and celebrate your size ! MY. SIZE is a real game changer for you and your partner. We want you to love safely, confidently and without compromising the quality of your sex life . Standard condoms may feel too tight or worse, slip off, but with MY.SIZE there is no need for any awkwardness or frustration over lost erections or anxiety over spills! MY. SIZE enables you to feel and give the gift of great sex. Choosing the right condom for your size lets you cherish that deep intimacy with your partner -and: experience the highest levels of mutual pleasure. What condom size feels best is a matter of individual preference whether you like to wear it tight or prefer a wider fit- This is your entry ticket to amazing sex! Relax and focus entirely on your and your partner’s pleasure with MY.SIZE condoms. Allow your body to take the lead and enjoy the ride! Apart from personal preferences and sexual nuances we like to believe that people are designed and equipped to experience sex in the most sensually satisfying way along with their partners once they accept themselves and their sexual identity. I LOVE MY PENIS expresses appreciation not only for the male but also the female form. By acknowledging the uniqueness of your male body you inherently accept the female body in all her individuality. In the bigger picture, this is an appeal to embrace the individuality of men and women without buying into any gender related stereotypes passed down by previous generations. We, at MY.SIZE feel that any male expectations and demands on female bodies to that effect are anachronistic and have no place in modern society. Real Empathy starts with Self Acknowledgement!